Sunday, November 17, 2013

US Immigration Lawyers for Laos

Where can Laotian nationals apply for a US visa?
US immigration applications for Laotian nationals may be filed at the Consular Section of the US Embassy in Vientiane. Visa applications or inquires about US immigration must be made during the hours of operation the Consular Section has established for inquires or applications regarding the visa category in question.A complete schedule of operation may be found on the Consular Website.

Can Laotian nationals residing abroad apply for a US visa at the US Consulate in the country in which they are residing?
This depends on the category of visa the Laotian national is applying for and whether they can establish long term resident status in the country in which they are residing. In general Laotian nationals may apply for visas at the US Consulate in countries other than Laos if they are able to meet the Consulate requirements of proof of residence status.Proof of residence status generally requires permanent resident status, a long term visa or a work permit.

Where can US citizens residing in Laos file their petition to sponsor a family visa?

The US citizen petition to sponsor a foreign fiancee or spouse must be filed at the USCIS office with jurisdiction over the US citizen's area of residence.The Bangkok USCIS Service Center at the US Embassy in Bangkok has jurisdiction over Laos.US citizens residing in Laos will generally need to prove that they have a residence permit or a long term visa.US citizens vacationing in Laos will not be able to file their petition with the US Embassy in Bangkok.

What documents do Laotians applying for a non-immigrant visa need to bring when submitting their application?
In addition to the visa application form for the category of visa for which the applicant is applying, Laotian nationals will need to bring their household registry record, Laos ID card, previous passport(s) and an exit visa.

From what hospitals does the US Embassy in Laos recognize medical exams?

The US Embassy in Laos recognizes medical examinations from the Australian Clinic in Vientiane and the Northeastern Wattana Hospital in Udorn Thani, Thailand.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Vietnam Embassy in United Kingdom

Vietnam Embassy in United Kingdom functions as a channel of communication between Vietnam Government and that of United Kingdom and acts as the official representative of the Vietnam in United Kingdom. Following is major information about Vietnam Embassy United Kingdom which may be useful to you in many cases.

Vietnam Embassy in United Kingdom
Address: 12-14 Victoria Rd., London W8-5rd, UK

Kingdom can choose between two options to apply for visa to Vietnam:One, reaching the Vietnam Embassy in United Kingdom to apply for Vietnam visa by yourself; ORTwo, applying for Vietnam visa on arrival at for time-saving (Get your Vietnam Visa approval letter before you go and pick up Vietnam visa at airport).Please visit our Application Process to better understand how Vietnam visa on arrival works. Useful information: How to get Vietnam visa from United KingdomCheck Vietnam visa requirement for United Kingdom residents If you have any further queries or comments, please kindly contact us

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Vietnam embassy in Armenia

Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy in Armenia ?
Unfortunately, there has been no Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate located in Armenia until this moment. Please contact to the Vietnam Embassies/Consulates in other countries.
You may be pleased to hear that: Whenever there is an Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam in Armenia, we will post on our website immediately so that you can refer to their contact information.

Complete Name: Republic of Armenia
Native Name: Hayastan
Capital: Yerevan
Principal Cities : Yerevan, Gyumri (Kumajri, Leninakan), Vanadzor (Kirovakan), Vagharshapat (Ečmiadzin), Hrazdan (Razdan), Abovyan (Abovian), Kapan (Kafan), Armavir (Oktember’an), Gavar (Nor Bayazet, Kamo), Ashtarak (Aštarak), Charentsavan (Ĵarenc’avan).

Monday, August 5, 2013

Vietnam visa requirements for UK citizens

As a citizen of United Kingdom, you are required Visa to visit Vietnam.
Since 1996, all UK citizens travelling to Vietnam can pick up visa at Vietnam International Airports.
To obtain Vietnam Visa On Arrival, travellers just need to finish the following simple steps:
- Go online:
- Submit application form online via our secured network to receive the Approval letter.
- Get Visa Stamp when arriving Vietnam International Airports ( Ha Noi/ Da Nang/ Ho Chi Minh city/ Nha Trang ).
Apply Vietnam Visa Online
Before applying for Vietnam visa, please make sure that your passport has minimum 6 month validity and left pages. Visa on arrival option is ONLY applicable for traveling by air to Vietnam. Apply Vietnam Visa now on, you will surely be granted entry upon arrival in Vietnam with the approval letter.
Following is required information to obtain Vietnam Visa:
- Your name exactly as per passport: it is your full name on your passport, name order is not important, so you can place either surname first or first name first.
- Your date of birth: in Vietnam, the date format will be DD/MM/YY
- Your nationality or passport: the passport you are using to enter Vietnam (should be valid for 6 months at least from the date of arrival).
- Your passport number: exactly as shown on your passport and should be valid for 6 months at least from the date of arrival.
- Date of arrival: applicants must fill exactly Date of Arrival. You can just enter Vietnam later but not earlier than the approved date.
Photos: passport photos are required at Vietnam airports only. You can use our secured online form to submit your application or find all download forms.

For further assistance, please email us:

What is approval letter ?

APPROVAL LETTER is a letter issued by VIETNAM IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT that allows you to enter and exit Vietnam for a given time period (1 month or 3 month – single/multiple entry). With the approval letter, you can pick up your visa upon arrival at one of three international airports in Vietnam (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang).

This is considered the “KEY” document for you to check in your international flight to Vietnam. Without the approval letter, you will be denied on Board. Check out the sample of approval letter, click here

Travellers will surely be granted entry upon arrival in Vietnam with the approval letter by following these steps:

1.Go online:
2.Input information correctly (Full name/ Date of birth/ Passport number/ Nationality/ Gender/ Date of arrival/ Type of Visa ) for Online Application
3.A colored scanned copy of the approval letter will be sent to you by email, so please make sure that you provide us with the correct email address.
4.Print the approval letter (color print is preferred but not required).

At the airport, the corresponding authorities will verify the details on the approval letter based on your passport and travel documents for you to get Visa Stamped on your passport.

Following is a few mistakes that travellers probably make when applying for the Approval Letter:

- Visa on arrival at the border: Vietnam Visa on Arrival is just applicable for Air Travel, it means there is NO on arrival visa for overland/border crossing or sea/water entry.

- Spelling/Typo mistakes: Many applicants fill in the Application form with incorrect information: full name on passport, passport number or date of birth. Normally, that may not be a big problem, however, in some cases; they will be refused by the airline at the departure airport since the information on the letter of approval does not match those in the passport. So, make sure you enter everything correctly and carefully.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact our hotline: +84 962 655 556 or +84 966 56 99 56or send email:

How to get Vietnam visa from United Kingdom?

How to get Vietnam visa from United Kingdom?
United Kingdom is not in the list of Vietnam visa exemption; therefore, every United Kingdom is required a valid visa to enter Vietnam. From United Kingdom, you can get a visa to Vietnam by two following options:

Option 1: Get Vietnam Entry Visa at Vietnam Embassy in United Kingdom:
You can apply for Visa to Vietnam at Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in United Kingdom:
Embassy of Vietnam in London, United Kingdom
- Address: 12-14 Victoria Rd., London W8-5rd, UK
- Phone: (4420) 79371912
- Fax: (44020) 7565385
- Email:,
- Office hours: Office hour: Monday - Friday: Morning: 9.00a.m - 11.30a.m Afternoon: 13.00p.m - 17.00 p.m

Consulate General of Vietnam in London, United Kingdom
- Address: 12-14 Victoria Rd., London W8-5rd, UK
- Phone: (4420) 79371912
- Fax: (44020) 7565385
- Email:,

However, it may take you 2-5 working days to get Vietnam Visa at Vietnam Embassy in United Kingdom.

Option 2: Get Vietnam Visa on Arrival: Visa on arrival – the visa picked up at arrival airport – is offered to all of those who are the United Kingdom passport holders. This kind of method is created to make the United Kingdom trip to Vietnam simpler and more economical. It is applicable for those travelling by air to Vietnam.
Visa on arrival is a special advantage for those who live far from the Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in United Kingdom. The applicants neither have to go to the Embassy nor have to send out the passport. By using this way of getting Vietnam Visa, a United Kingdom only needs at least 2 days for normal processing and 1 day for urgent processing (or only 4 working hours for super urgent service – see Super Urgent Service) to get a pre-approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department which is an official permission of getting visa upon arrival.

How to get pre-approval letter and visa?
You go online at fill in the secure form, make service payment, and just wait for 2 working days (normal service) or within 1 working day (urgent service) to get your Visa Approval Letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department via email
Print the approval letter out together with a filled entry and exit form and 2 passport sized photos
Get your visa stamped at Vietnam airport checking point by submitting printed visa approval letter, passport, 2 passport-sized photos, entry and exit form, and stamping fee to the in-charge officer.

Before applying for Vietnam visa, a United Kingdom has to make sure that his/her passport has minimum 6 month validity and left pages.
Visa on arrival option is ONLY applicable for United Kingdom traveling by air to Vietnam.

Vietnam Visa For UK Citizens

A Bristish - UK passport holders are required to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam. Tourist visas are good for 30 days and may be extended after your arrival in Vietnam. You can do it your self at Vietnam embassy in London or apply for a visa on arrival.

Location of Vietnam Embassy (Visa Section) in the UK
How to get there? The Embassy is opposite to Kensington Garden (Hyde Park). The nearest tube station is High Street Kensington, which is about five minutes walking from the Embassy. You just exit the tube station, turn right, go straight for about 300 m, then you will see Victoria Road on your right.
Address: 12-14 Victoria Road,
London W8 5RD
Tel: 0207 937 1912
Fax: 0207 937 6108 / 0207 565 3853

* Processing time

It takes five working days (in the normal processing) and two working days (in the fast-track processing) to process your visa for both applications made in person or by post. Application by post must be accompanied with a self-addressed envelope.

Fees and charges are per individual and applicable to both UK and Ireland and to all applicants who possess valid and separate passports. All payments for fees and charges can be combined into one single form (in cash, postal order or bank draft). Pre-paid envelopes are not accepted.

Please note if your children are also on your passports, they will be exempted. Otherwise, they will need separate visas and will be charged as such. You do not need, however, to file separate application forms for them. (Tips by DirtyQuilmes / Thorn Tree Forum – Lonely Planet)

Option 2: Apply online

Visa on arrival is recognized as a legitimate way to obtain your Vietnam visa by the British Embassy in Hanoi. A number of travel agencies are handling the process, which is quite simple:

-    Apply online for the visa
-    Collect the approval letter by email and prepare 2 passport sized photos
-    Arrive at a Vietnam Airport and collect the visa stamp

Required documents:
You are required to submit your passport and 2 passport sized photos when you arrive at a Vietnam Airport. No documents are required at the time of applying online.