Sunday, December 15, 2013

Singapore Student Visa

Student pass Singapore
To study in Singapore, there are many things you’ll need. The requisite and equivalent grades, an open and inquiring mind and a desire to make a career after studying in Singapore.

But more importantly, you need to be accepted to an educational institution. Universities are popular for people to study in Singapore, given their quality. Given how difficult it is to get a place for studying in Singapore, it is important not to lose out because you were unable to get a student . Singapore is renowned for its strict border control and any mistakes in applying for a Singapore student pass can jeopardise your education.

You’ll need a Student Visa for Singapore to remain in the country, one that lasts beyond the end of your studies. It is possible to get a short term Social Visit pass for Singapore if the course can be completed within the 30 day limit. Otherwise, if you expect it to go for longer, you will need a student visa for Singapore.
To get a Singapore student visa, the next step is to get the necessary documents to support your application for a student pass to Singapore. These include photographs, proof of education and grades, and even financial ability. Speak to one of our immigration consultants for our recommendation on getting a student pass to Singapore.

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