Sunday, November 17, 2013

US Immigration Lawyers for Laos

Where can Laotian nationals apply for a US visa?
US immigration applications for Laotian nationals may be filed at the Consular Section of the US Embassy in Vientiane. Visa applications or inquires about US immigration must be made during the hours of operation the Consular Section has established for inquires or applications regarding the visa category in question.A complete schedule of operation may be found on the Consular Website.

Can Laotian nationals residing abroad apply for a US visa at the US Consulate in the country in which they are residing?
This depends on the category of visa the Laotian national is applying for and whether they can establish long term resident status in the country in which they are residing. In general Laotian nationals may apply for visas at the US Consulate in countries other than Laos if they are able to meet the Consulate requirements of proof of residence status.Proof of residence status generally requires permanent resident status, a long term visa or a work permit.

Where can US citizens residing in Laos file their petition to sponsor a family visa?

The US citizen petition to sponsor a foreign fiancee or spouse must be filed at the USCIS office with jurisdiction over the US citizen's area of residence.The Bangkok USCIS Service Center at the US Embassy in Bangkok has jurisdiction over Laos.US citizens residing in Laos will generally need to prove that they have a residence permit or a long term visa.US citizens vacationing in Laos will not be able to file their petition with the US Embassy in Bangkok.

What documents do Laotians applying for a non-immigrant visa need to bring when submitting their application?
In addition to the visa application form for the category of visa for which the applicant is applying, Laotian nationals will need to bring their household registry record, Laos ID card, previous passport(s) and an exit visa.

From what hospitals does the US Embassy in Laos recognize medical exams?

The US Embassy in Laos recognizes medical examinations from the Australian Clinic in Vientiane and the Northeastern Wattana Hospital in Udorn Thani, Thailand.